Your Baby Can Learn!

Babies are intelligent creatures. They have been learning new things since their brain were fully developed in the womb.

Perhaps, you have read my posting about teaching Izzah numbers, preposition, colors, shapes and English language since she was like 3 months old? And, yes.. I’ m still teaching her the same thing (and more!) at 14 months.

Your Baby Can Learn

You see, your baby has one natural window of opportunity for learning language. It goes from birth through age of four. So, it’s a good idea to teach your baby foreign language from birth.

Teaching doesn’t mean you have to spend so many hours on a subject. 10 minutes every day would do! Babies have short span of attention anyway..ha..ha..ha

I think it would be good to share my homeschool material with you. Homeschool,yea? That’s right – I’m homeschooling my baby for 10-15 minutes every day. So, kira homeschool la tu…he..he..he

The books and flip-cards that I’m using are mostly Dr. Robert Titzer’s. Dr. Titzer is a popular speaker on how babies learn and created techniques found in his books, to succesfully stimulate babies to learn.

Let’s have a look on the first book.

Your Baby Can Learn – Numbers

Oh, how I hate numbers! I bet most of us hate numbers too…especially during the school days.. ha..ha..ha.

But numbers are the main aspect of life. Amost every thing in life involve numbers. Shopping, sports, school, health etc..yea?

So, it’s important to teach your baby numbers.  This lift-the-flap book will help your baby understand the difference between numerals and numbers.

Your Baby Can Learn

You see, babies can perceive small differences in quantities in the first several months of life. So, it’s easier for the baby to learn using a fun, multi-sensory approach – which the book is all about.

Babies learn more when several of their sensory systems are stimulated on the same topic at once. So, it’s important to count at the same time that you (and later your baby) point to the object. Meaning, baby is learning through seeing and hearing.

In most baby books, a numeral is next to the number of objects that represent it. However since babies don’t know that numeral is not supposed to be counted, the will likely perceive the numerals as objects.

In Your Baby Can Learn – Numbers book, the numeral is on the flap before the page with that number of objects. Numerals are also put directly on the object, so the babies don’t perceive them as additional countable object.

Your Baby Can Learn

Your Baby Can Learn – Numbers is suitable for babies and toddlers 3 months and up.

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  • bleh try ajar number lak pasni kat my nuha 🙂
    .-= eliss´s last blog post..Bercuti tanpa rela 😛 =-.

    • eliss, ajar sikit2 pun takpe.. macam masa dalam kereta ke.. bilang je nombor tu supaya dia selalu dengar..

      i selalu hantar izzah pegi nursery (10 minutes drive) pagi2..i ajar dia macam2 dalam masa 10 minit tu – nyanyi2, ajar kenal warna, nombor, abc, anggota badan dll.. kalau hari2 ajar macam ni dah besar sikit lagi senang faham masa belajar betul tak?

  • also time gini elok tunjuk benda2 bergambar coz kids got photographic memory. tu dia boleh memorize relevence between words/numbers & pictures.

    my aunt kata, its also good to read to kids time dia tgh makan. so dia tokleh ke mana & stuck in the highchair. so sambil suap tu sambil tu kita bercerita. she got 2 special kids, but manage to develop into genius. at age 12, anak sulung become the best malay student in spore.
    .-= mamamiya´s last blog post..2days down with fever, 1 1/2 days recovering =-.

  • I saw this book plus the flashcard in MyToys&Book. Hemmm…boleh consider…right now I stick with VCDs & reading story book plus baby sign. Haii..bilalah I nak mula BETUL2 kat baby hambali ni..dok ajar abang nyer jer…
    .-= Hanz´s last blog post..MySunshine2U Blog Giveaway – 4th Entry (The Cupcake Fairytale) =-.

  • Salam,
    kat a few set of this books kan..
    apa beza di antara “Your Baby Can Read Book” and “Your Baby Can Learn Book”
    berminat gak nak bli, tp mcm byk set je…can u advice which one should i buy 1st…

    • shaza, your baby can learn ni dia ajar pasal nombor, shapes, colours, prepositions & patterns.. yg your baby can read tu ajar membaca & tambah vocab.. better buy yg “your baby can learn” dulu.. later boleh beli ajar baca pulak ok

  • ..,babies have brain like sponge.. they absorb learning easily.. literacy in early age is great..

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