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Shapes! Everything in this world has shape. The body, vehicle, furniture, house, tree, flower, building, toys are some examples. And, all the shapes has names like square, triangle, circle, rhombus, pentagon, quadrilateral etc.

Someone needs to pay more attention in Math classes, huh? Frankly, I don’t really remember (or know) the name of the shapes..ha..ha..ha

Well, most five-year-old children will not know the shapes found in this book.

Your Baby Can Learn

But your baby can learn about a rhombus or parallelogram about as easily as they learn the shapes of stars and diamonds. This book will help babies, and you, learn about shapes using an easy and logical strategy.

Other baby books of this kind often simply show a random assortment of shapes. The mathematical names are not given and babies and toddlers learn very little by knowing the names of these mostly unrelated shapes.

This baby book teaches shapes differently. All of these shapes are related.

If the child can differentiate these shapes, then the child will have gained some understanding on the concepts of congruency, parallelism, and perpendicularity – even though we didn’t specifically teach those words in this book.

Shapes are usually shown like this… but there is a much more logical representation.


Indirect learning is taking place whre it appear that “triangle”, “square” and “pentagon” are the names for 3-,4-, and 5-sided figures. This is not correct.

A 4-sided figure is called a quadrilateral. A square is a special quadrilateral and it is not on the same level as a triangle or a pentagon.

Babies are incorrectly taught that the entire shape is the triangle – it is not. Only the perimeter is the triangle. The inside is not part of the triangle.

Your Baby Can Learn – Shapes is suitable for children ages 3 months through age 14 years. It’s a good investment, really!


  • hi k ros, I’ve already bought the book..yesss..sungguh canggih bila baca part shapes nih..I was like..oo ye ke..hehe? Baru tunjuk buku numbers kat my son..and he likes it..smpi dah terkoyak dia tarik! Uwa…!

    • ida, canggih kan? kita sendiri pun rasanya macam tak pernah tau so detail pasal shapes ni..ha..ha.. but then, a really good investment sebab boleh pakai sampai umur 14 years!

  • me & miya do flash cards for shapes & colours…ada la basic shapes of pentagon, hexagon. but they are all the symetrical ones. not as advanced as buku u ni. mcm both mom & kid akan learn sama2 aje tu..kui kui kui…

    anyway miya’s attention span for flash card is very short. so i beli buku cerita on shapes, she likes it better. mula2 i read the story to her, then dia pulak bercerita kat i pasal buku tu. i think my kid is going to grow up talkative like me…

    hows ur lil princess punye learning? she prefer flash cards or book?
    .-= mamamiya´s last blog post..Mommies coping with stress (part 6-I’m a fantastic mother! Am I?) =-.

    • mamamiya, betul la tu..he..he.. buku ni memang advance.. sama2 belajar ngan anak.. but it’s a good thing la kan?

      izzah, dua2 dia suka… buku dia suka pegang, flash card dia tengok je i flashkan kat dia sambil ajar..he..he.. tapi sometimes di ‘makannya’ buku tu…ha..ha

  • Thanks for sharing this, Ros!
    .-= Hanz´s last blog post..STICKY: I found GOLD on the grass! by Baby Hambali =-.

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