Your Baby Can Learn – Prepositions

Prepositions, eh? Perhaps many of you think wouldn’t it be too early to teach prepositions to little babies?

According to studies, parents generally teach their babies nouns first, then verbs. Rarely do parents ever intentionally teach their babies prepositions.

However, if you do teach your baby prepositions, they it will likely increase your child’s receptive language abilities.

You see, without understanding prepositions, much of what you say has no meaning for your baby. The natural window of opportunity for learning language occurs from birth through about age four years and your child should learn prepositions during this natural window.

This baby book specifically teaches prepositions during your child’s natural window of oppportunity for learning language. Learning prepositions earlier should help your child understand more of what you say since many prepositions are high frequency words in English.

In addition, there is quite a bit of thinking that will occur in your child’s brain in order to learn these prepositions – this could have a positive effect on brain development.

Your Baby Can Learn – Prepositions is suitable for babies and toddlers ages 4 months and up.

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