Your Baby Can Learn – Colours

Colours! The world is full with colours, yea? So, it’s important to teach your baby about colours.

I love this book because it teaches babies common categories of colours as well as lighter and darker shades of colours. Yes, shade of colours!

Your Baby Can Learn

You see, in most baby books, only one shade of a colour is shown to represent a particular color.

In this book, the category of each color is illustrated to help the baby have a more accurate idea of what color words mean.

Once your baby learns these colours, your child will be able to learn dozens of specific shades of colours in Volume 2 of this series. Toddlers generally categorise  objects by colours before they learn higher forms of categorising. Learning colours will also help your child understand more descriptive language.

Other colour books usually only show one shade of the major colours.

This baby book shows a more complete spectrum for each category of colour.

Your Baby Can Learn – Colors is suitable for children ages 6 month to 6 years.

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