Your Baby Can Learn!

Although my baby is only 4 months old, I already teach her to read books!

Isn’t it too early? No, it’s not.

Infact, this is the best time to teach your baby of everything, especially the language.

According to Dr. Robert Titzer, babies and toddlers have a natural window of opportunity for learning language from age 3 months old to 4 years old. After 4 years old, it become quite difficult to learn a language or to read.

You see, babies and toddlers learn to understand language and speak naturally simply by listening to language. When babies hear a second language, they learn to understand and speak the language naturally without an effort if they hear the language frequently enough.

That’s explain how we learn our mother-tounge language – through early exposure!

If babies are allowed to see the language, they can also learn written language just as naturally. Fascinating, isn’t it?

So, if you want your baby to learn (and read) a second language(s)(English, Arabic, Mandarin, French etc) – get some books or flash cards in that language. And, show it to your baby at least 5 minutes a day. Not so much efforts required for your baby’s future, right?

Izzah's Learning Numbers

Let’s see what I have bought for baby Izzah.

  • Baby Signs Books: Circle Time (teach baby sign language)
  • Your Baby Can Read! flash card (compact, good for travel)
  • Your Baby Can Learn! book series (love it so much!)

And, I’m also thinking of buying her Qiraati books as well as teach her Mandarin and Korean (I’m learning both languages so why not teach her too… he..he..he).

By the way, I really love Dr. Titzer’s book series. Your Baby Can Learn! for example, are great for teaching:

  • Shapes (Babies will learn geometrically-related shapes instead of the typical shapes found in most baby books.)
  • Numbers (Dr. Titzer uses research from infant perception studies to help your baby learn the concept of number as well as learn to read numerals.)
  • Patterns (This book teaches logic patterns using colourful photographs and words. For example, “big dog, little dog, big dog, little dog, big dog, little dog, big dog, What comes next?”)
  • Colours (This book teaches lighter and darker shades of colours.)
  • Prepositions (Some of the most frequently used words in English are prepositions. Most babies are not specifically taught these words. Imagine how much more language your baby will understand if she or he comprehends prepositions.)

Baby Izzah really showed a big interest in learning and reading the books. Her eyes actually look at the words as if she is reading it (from left to right). Very impressive!

Pre-school today, Harvard tomorrow!

Izzah's Leaning Shapes


Fyi, I bought the books online at It’s a Malaysian online store which also has a shop at Jalan Kuchai Lama (map available at the website).

Masha Allah, terujanya Mak Ayah! Ibu bapa dah lama tunggu PLATFOM SELAMAT untuk anak anak mereka tonton video, yang bebas iklan dan patuh Syariah. Kini ianya telah tiba, dibawakan khas oleh pencipta Didi & Friends dan Omar & Hana.

Durioo+ adalah alternatif Platform Video Selamat Khusus untuk Kanak Kanak Islam, BEBAS IKLAN dan semua KONTEN DITAPIS oleh ibu bapa Muslim serta mendapat KONSULTASI PAKAR seperti Ustaz Don Daniyal dan Datin Prof. Dr. Mariani untuk pastikan segala konten dan ciri Durioo+ adalah yang terbaik untuk anak anda.

Kesemua konten Durioo+ membantu memupuk akhlak mulia, nilai nilai positif dan murni, selari dengan ajaran Islam. Insyaallah. Saya juga ibu bapa seperti anda, dan kita hanya nak yang terbaik untuk anak anak kita.

Langgan Durioo+ Sekarang | Tekan Sini

I’m not sure whether it’s available or not in the major bookstores. Perhaps you can ask if they carry Dr Titzer books (Your Baby Can Learn, Your Baby Can Read) by The Infant Learning Company..

For more information on Dr Titzer’s books, visit the Infant Learning Company at (you can watch videos of little babies reading!)

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  • salam….hai.. thanks cos visit my blog.. anyway.. bagus gak blog ni… at least i can learn… balik ni cepat2 nak beli buku for her.. biar dia belajar awal2… anyway thanks for ya advice…

    little mama:
    thanks for stopping by.. yer.. yer.. better starts early ya..

  • hi there
    im new here!

    it’s good that u have start at an early age! i also love teaching my son like what you did.

    anyway i nak tanya, where did u buy those books?


    little mama:
    hi hanis.. thanks for stopping by.. i’m a reader to your blog..suka baca pasal hariz…

    i bought the books online at this is a malaysian online store.. or you can directly go to their store located in Jalan Kuchai Lama (map available at the website)

    i’m not sure whether it’s available or not in the major bookstores, perhaps you can ask if they carry Dr Titzer books (Your Baby Can Learn, Your Baby Can Read) by The Infant Learning Company..

    btw.. you can check the website

  • Good, good..I love what you’ve been doing to your baby. Btw, do u sign a lot to your baby? Hope u can share your experience & love to swap notes with you. 🙂

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