What A Night!

Baby Izzah woke up at 9 pm last night for feeding. And, she refused to sleep until 1 am!

After I breasfeeded her, my hubby cuddled her and sang a lullaby. But, she still refused to sleep and cry. Oh..

Berak rupanya… he..he..he

She passed stool so many times during that 4 hour period. I’m glad that she has a frequent bowel movements with yellow stools because this indicates that my baby is well nourished.

According to Asian Parenting Today book, frequent bowel movement are normal because breast milk is a natural laxative. It is easily digested, so the stools are loose with not much substance.

After changing her diapers a few times with feeding in between, lil’ baby’s eyes were still wide open.

My hubby switched-off the air-cond in our room. Perhaps, she was cold because it was raining last night.

And, after 4 hours filled with breastfeeding, nappy changing, swaddling, rocking and patting, baby Izzah was tired and fall asleep by herself.

Hmmm.. my dear baby. Mama thinks you need to change your sleep routine.

You see, she sleeps heavily all day long.

We tried waking her up during the day by unwrapping her swaddle and tickling her feet. We even make a noise by calling her to wake up. But, nothing works… he..he…he.

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