What A Day!

It was a peaceful Saturday. At least until 10.30 am.

After that, the whole day and night was a hectic one. Around 10.45 am, my younger sister and her family with three kids (they live in Sepang) arrived to our little cottage.

Then, five minutes later, my eldest brother who live in USJ9 also arrived with his family.

Finally, they got to see lil’ Izzah.

Imagine having 9 active kids in the house. It was a chaos!

They left about 1.00 pm. Our little cottage was at peace again.

But only for a few hours. Around 6 pm, my brother who works in Sudan (his family live in Johor Bahru) arrived with his hyperactive kids and my mom. He has four kids (three boys and one girl) and all of them were super duper active!

They wanted to explore our little cottage and touched everything that captured their interests, including my husband’s Proton bike. That bicycle fell on top of two of my brother’s sons when they pulled the bike. Luckily, they were not injured.

Another brother of mine who live in Rawang also arrived half-an-hour later. He also has four super active kids.

Those eight kids (6 boys and two girls) caused my usually quiet little cottage to be filled with kid’s screaming and crying.

I like having visitors in our little cottage. But, I’m quite dismayed to see that many of them were unwell.

These people are unwell but still wanted to touch, hold and kiss my baby. Argh!

1)  My younger sister – cough
2)  My sister-in-law – flu and cough
3)  Two of my nephews – flu
4)  My mom – flu and cold!

You see, my baby is just recovered from an infection. And, I don’t want her to get infected by flu and cough viruses that my relatives and friends were having while visiting us.

I’m trying to keep my baby away from anyone who has a cough, flu symptoms, a sore throat, cold or fever. Lil’ Izzah is still a fragile little being you know.

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But, visiting relatives and friends usually want to hold and touch my baby. This put me in a dilemma.

It’s gonna be rude to tell them not to do so. Especially when they came from far just to see the baby. Oh my!

And, making me more worry is that my mom is also not feeling well. She has flu and cold. And, she is staying with us to help me over.

She knows kissing the baby could get her infected. But, my mom is not aware that sneezing around the house is also give a risk to infection. Especially, when she is sitting so close to baby Izzah!

Flu and cold is an airborn disease. But, what am I supposed to do? Tell her to keep herself away from her own granddaughter? That’s absolutely crazy.

That night, my baby was so restless. She cried after I finished breastfeeding her. She refused to sleep on her own mattress.

This sleep-deprived mama was so tension. Even my hubby looked stressful (but he didn’t obviously show it like I did). He cuddled and rocked the baby on my birth ball for two hours before she finally tired and fell asleep.

However, not long after she woke up again and cried. I offered her my breast but she sucked only for a while. And, each time I put her back on her mattres, she cried again.

Finally, after I put her on my bosom (let her listen to my heartbeat), she fell asleep for a longer period. What a relieve!


I think baby Izzah sleeping routine was disturbed because so many hands have touched her during the day. And, at night, the open door could have invited unseen creatures to come in (and disturbed my baby). That’s why me and hubby try to avoid having visitors at late evening/night.

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