Wear Me! Wear Me!

I have always being amazed with baby-wearing. Ever since baby Izzah was in my tummy.

And, the first baby-wearing gear that I bought was a beige-colored LittlePods (size M) from LittlePods.com.

But, I rarely used it.

The little princess didn’t like being in the pod. Perhaps she was not comfortable?

Another baby wearing gear was bought by my hubby. It has buckles on it’s straps.

Hubby used to like wearing little Izzah while shopping. Used to. Now that Izzah is bigger, the gear was not comfy to wear anymore.

I have tried the baby wearing gear before. And, my back hurts. The straps do not distribute the baby’ weight evenly.

When I came across a Mei Tai, I immediately fall in love!

Pictures of babies in close contact with their mothers in Mei Tai were so delightful.

The hand-made Mei Tai are also really cute. But, a Mei Tai is quite expensive. RM150 for a simple original Mei Tai. And, RM170 for a Buckle Tai (a Mei Tai with buckles).

There are a few savvy stay-at-home-moms who sell their hand-made Mei Tai in Malaysia. But, I choosed to buy from Snuggbaby.com.

Why? Because there are so many lovely choices of body panel pattern.

And, I really love my Mei Tai. It’s so comfortable to wear my baby in a Mei Tai!

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