Walkering Expert

I was having an extremely busy week full with system refresher trainings given by a Polish lady from UK. And, those verbal trainings made by body and head aching all over!

It’s finally over. And, I got to rest my tired mind a bit. At least some peace before having to deal with KPMG auditors coming for year end audit, urgh.

Enough about me. Let’s talk about the little princess instead.

She is such an active little baby. Remember that walker-rocker thing? She’s now an expert in using the walker!

At first, she used to walk backwards but now she can control the walker really good. She loves ‘walkering‘ in the hall, into our bedroom, into the study room as well as steering it through the small corridor to the kitchen!

And, she loves touching everything her hands can get from the walker. I mean everything… newspapers, tv remote control, handphone etc on the day-bed, plastic bags hanging on the display cabinet, the door, the teak chairs, the washing machine, the laundry basket (and the dirty clothes…hu..hu).. and her favorite of all… the curtains.

She is also interested in getting her hands to basket on the floor containing her grooming stuff. But, the walker makes it impossible for her to reach it. And, she is still trying. Such a persistent little lady she is.. ha..ha..ha

Since she also can sit without support, sitting in a Tesco trolley is a must when ever we’re out shopping at the hypermarket.

So, what’s next? Crawling? Cruising?

She is quite mobile on the floor by rolling over her body a few times to reach her destination. And, she can control her head to land softly on the floor while rolling over. I bet she learned that it’s hurt to knock her head hard on the floor, ya honey.

She has not yet master the soldier crawl, though.

We seriously need to baby-proof our home soon!

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