Two Weeks S.A.H.M

I had a miscarriage so I was given a 9-day medical leaves. From 17th – 26th Dec’ 08.

And, then my darling baby was hospitalised due to early bronchitis from 24th  – 30th Dec’ 08.

So I took a one day compassionate leave on the 30th. And, one day annual leave on the 31st.

Meaning, I was away from office from 17th Dec’ 08 – 1st Jan ’09. A long two weeks!

If my baby not been hospitalised, I could have become a two-week stay at home mom (sahm).

It’s heaven to:

  • Sleep at what ever time I like.
  • Wake up late (I’m off from praying).
  • Surf the net all day (and all night) long.
  • Lazing on the bed with my baby. Bonding, playing and talking with her.
  • Taking really good care of her.

I love being a stay at home mom (with income, of course)!

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