Turning To Juice & Solid

According to Dr Ling (my baby’s paed), I can now give some fruit juice to the little princess (half an apple or orange).

So, I prepared some apple juice by steaming half an apple with some water, and crushed the soften apple with spoon – I don’t have a special blender for her yet.

Then, I diluted with more water and put in a bottle. Baby Izzah likes the taste but the teat then got stuck with some apple pulp. So, the sweet tasty juice stopped flowing into her mouth.

Hmmm… I really need to get a fruit juice blender.

Anyway, my husband went to a shopping mall and bought…..

No, not the blender.

But, Heinz Strained Apple Juice and Gerber Pumpkin & Sweet Corn. Don’t worry, it’s all suitable for 4-month old babies.

By the way, Dr Ling said we can start giving her solid (rice cereal) at 5 months and a more variety when she turns 6 months old.

So, I bought all these feeding equipment (BPA free). It’s all for you, honey-bunny baby!

Munchkin Soft Tip Infant Spoons and Bendable Infant Spoons. And, The First Years Take & Toss Infant Section Bowls.

Munchkin Baby Food Grinder – hot stuff. I like it so much. A little turn is all the power I need to turn any food into healthy, natural baby food in seconds. Veggies, fruit and meat are ground down to safe-to-swallow pieces. It’s also compact so good for travelling.

With the food grinder, I can say bye-bye to the expensive bottled baby food!

And, for her teething – Munchkin Twisty Teether Ball. Looks like 12 nipples of different texture in one ball isn’t it? Yumm..yumm… ha..ha..ha

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  • hi littlemama…eh kite nak tnya ni grinder tu bila kite grind meat or ayam texture dia halus ke kasar ek?? bb kite baru 5month, next month nak kasi dia makan so tengah dok cari2 la yg leh bawa p travelling skali…n price dia kat mall berapa ek sebab nak compare dengan internet, thanks πŸ˜‰

  • hi bitt, texture ikan/ayam/daging jadi halus sesuai untuk baby telan.. yg part kasar2 tu akan tertinggal/melekat belakang grinder.. yg penting sebelum grind make sure ayam/ikan/bubur/daging dah lembut (i biasa rebus dulu).

    You can see the picture of fish porridge after been grinded here:


    I’m not sure about the price in the mall becoz I bought it online πŸ˜› RM66.90.. oh now the store is selling at RM60.21.. go get it!


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