The Charming Yuna!

Do you know Yuna? No. I’m not talking about Yuna the female protagonist in the Final Fantasy video game. I’m talking about Yuna, an acoustic Malaysian singer who has a beautiful voice!

I was at the kitchen when I heard she performed live on TV3 Wanita Hari Ini yesterday.

My first thought was, wow! Sedapnya suara dia. Ni mesti a minah salleh from outside the country. Macam suara Norah Jones pun ada ni.

But, I was totally wrong. She is a beautiful Malay lady blessed with wonderful voices and great talent in music. She can play various musical instruments and also write her own songs. Did I mention she wears a tudung?

Β Yuna

Yuna’s (full name Yunalis) songs are more to alternative, acoustic and folk rock. Most importantly, her voice and songs are so very soothing. I love it so much!

She is still a student in UiTM (taking Law). I wonder when she will come out with her own album. I’ll definitely buy it!

Oh… you can listen to her songs at this link.


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  • hello little mama, nak tahu, bile punye WHI yuna perform?
    nak tgk dekat website tv3. tenkiuuu =)

  • Yup..baru jer bace pasal Yuna ni semalam kot but never heard her singing until just now (tgk vid yg lil’ mama masukkan tu)

    anyway , oleh kerna lil’mama xde shoutbox kat sini,maka saya nk bagitaulah yg sy nk bagi AWARD kat blog lil’mama ni . Plz take it from my blog ok . Tq.

  • anne.. i wrote the post a day after she performed.. so it could be on 12th March 2009..

    ummie hanie.. thanks for the award!

  • just take out her tudung, and i will like her, it was so irratating to see tudung girl singing, dancing in the concert..IMHO

  • ack!, chokingly poser, any chick can play guitar n sing like norah (or avril, or alanis or whatever) – and one more thing, if u want to wear tudung, go to mosque or school..ack! :+{P

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