Switching Formula

Breast milk is the best. But, if your baby’s growth is at risk (too little weight gain) with breastfeeding alone, it’s time to put your ego as a mother aside. And, supplement with formula.

I did and I’m glad that I made the choice. No matter what other pro-breastfeeding moms said, only ME alone knows what is best for my baby.

Yes. I do support breastfeeding. I learned everthing about breastfeeding during my pregnancy. And, I wanted to exclusively-breastfeed my baby until she is 2 years old. But, not all things go out as planned.

Her weight was gaining so slowly, so I was advised by her paed to give a special infant formula for premature babies.

Do you know what I felt when the paed said I didn’t have enough milk for my baby? I was so extremely angry!

Annoyed. Devastated. Mad. Heart broken into pieces.

I thought I have failed as a mother. And, I was so close to having a major post-natal depression.

But, the tiny little princess made me realised. Her well-being is much more important than my stupid ego.

So, she was given Enfalac A+ Premature Special Infant formula and also breastmilk until she was 6 months.

Now, it is time to switch the formula.

We were looking for a formula that is easy to be digested. And, do not cause constipation.

And, we found Nestlé NAN H.A 2 (Hypoallergenic)!

Baby Izzah has been on this new formula for a week. And, she is happily passing stool once in two days.

No more signs of her having pain while trying to empty her bowel. A definitely happier baby!

Nestlé NAN contains probiotics (beneficial bacteria – bifidus) which helps babies to poo easily. And, it is a hypoallergenic formula with easily digestible proteins that help reduce the risk of allergies.

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  • we are in the same boat 🙂

    i was having pre natal depress back then..

    nangis my eye out..

    angry,devastated..u name it, been there done that

    Ziyyad minum NAN 1..

    semoga iZzah membesar sihat dan kuat! 🙂

    p/s:: 🙂

    little mama:
    ye..same boat.. ziyyad pun besar kuat dan sihat ye.. boleh kawan dgn izzah.

  • she’s as healthy as can be and that’s all that matters. ur a great mother!

    oh.. and selamat hari raya!

    baby izzah:
    ye auntie.. izzah salute mama.. dia sayang izzah manyak2.. oo..raya raya.. nak duit raya.

    little mama:
    eh..my baby..dah pandai mintak duit raya ke pulak…

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