Sweet Cherry Sean Bouncer

We didn’t use a ‘buaian’ until baby Izzah was 2 months old. I prefer to train her sleeping in her cot.

But, when my mother-in-law looked after her when I got back to work, my hubby bought an electronic cradle (iBaby). I was a bit reluctant about the ‘buaian’ thing, but what can I say… mother-in-law rules eh?

Since then, Izzah started to sleep in the ‘buaian’. Her baby-cot is left to dust.

When she was 3 months old, we sent her to the day-care. The day-care also used ‘buaian’ for babies. There were four ‘buaian’ available. But, since last month, the number has been reduced to only one.

I don’t know excatly why. Perhaps, it’s a regulation for a day-care.

Because of that, we were asked to bring a baby bouncer for baby Izzah’s use at the day-care.

Actually, we already have a bouncer (Kangaroo brand) but was hardly used. Now, it seems so small for my baby.

So, we bought a new bouncer. A pretty Sweet Cherry Bouncer in pink. I like it so much!

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