Sun, Sand and Sea

We went to Port Dickson a few weeks ago. It was an unplanned outing.

Hubby received a call from his brother, inviting us to spend a night in PD at an apartment resort. Uh.. I forgot the resort’s name.. Paradise something.

So, off we went to PD. It’s not that far from our place. 30-45 minutes drive only.

We have so much fun on the beach!

But then, Izzah got cranky but she didn’t want to sleep. She has a tough time sleeping in a foreign place.

So, we went back home straight away that night!

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  • hi! I read your comments about lppkn and the iui process. I’m married for 6 years and now i’m tryong to get a baby. I’ve suffered from endometriosis stage 4. So, I found out that your tips are very useful and I’m very happy that finally, you get what you hope for and Izzah is very cute! Thank you for your tips and may Allah paint your life with colors of happiness!

    hi syafina.. don’t give up the trying ok? there’s miracle for everyone.. i also was diagnosed as having endometriosis (forgot what stage) right after giving birth to izzah.. but then, 6 months later.. i was pregnant (this time it happened naturally, no help from lppkn).. but i miscarried.. i’m ok now.. the point is miracle does happens!

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