Suck Baby.. Suck!

I was excited today. My baby’s milk intake has increased to 40 ml per feed!!

Around 2 pm, we went to SMC so that I can breastfeed her. She was sleeping in a normal cot when we arrived at NICU on the second floor (Ward 2B).

The nurse has just feed her at 1 pm. Oh, she was full already?

However, I still got the chance to breastfeed her. Baby Izzah cried when I tried. Did my baby forgot how to suck?

I heard an explosive sound and instantly I knew she was passing motion… he..he.

She appeared uncomfortable and was crying until her babah changed her diaper.

Then, I tried again.

Alhamdulillah, she latched so well and starts sucking. And, swallowing my milk into her little tummy!

Baby Izzah seemed to be happy. She was smiling while sucking. I believe she miss me so much. Of course she do!

I was having multiple let-down reflex (pancutan susu) while my baby was sucking. So it’s true, nothing is as efficient as a baby’s suck. My breasts were getting heavier with milk!

Dr Ling came around 3 pm. He asked about the breastfeeding progress. And, I was happy to report that it was going well.

Baby Izzah is going to be discharged tomorrow afternoon! Yeay!

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