Sinful: Big Apple Donuts

I went out to Subang Parade for lunch with three of my colleagues just now.

After having our lunch at Kenny Rogers, I walked to Secret Recipe to look for a wedding anniversary cake (our anniversary is today & we’re celebrating it tonight – at home, with the little princess).

On the way to the Secret Recipe, I discovered a long queue at Big Apple Donuts & Coffee. From far, I can see a yummy-licious display of colorful donuts!

So, I forgot about the cake and bought these sinful exotic donuts instead. 12 donuts of different flavors definitely is more alluring than a one flavor cheese cake, right?

Cocoring (Belgian Chocolate), Semi Glazed, Green Teaser (Green Tea), Witnut (White Choc Topping with Peanut Butter filling), California Almond, Choreo (oreo cookie crumbs) are some of theΒ luscious donuts that I grabbed.. he…he.. he

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