Shoutbox Nightmare

Little Mama’s Diary look & feel checklists:

  1. Insert Logo – checked
  2. Place Google Adsense Script – checked
  3. Place Google Search Bar Script – checked
  4. Create Categories – checked
  5. Place Shoutbox Script – × ouch!!!

Arghh! Half-a-day was wasted just like that on a shoutbox script which doesn’t work… huwaaa!

Actually I got the script from WordPress plugins directory i.e Wordspew 1.16 shoutbox.

I followed the ReadMe file closely. And, all the files were perfectly installed in the plugins folder.

But, when I tried typing an entry into the shoutbox, there was an error saying certain files couldn’t be find in my server. Erk!

Haiya… letih woo

I was not giving up so easily. So, I tried again and again….. and again (more than 10 times). But, seems the luck was not with me.

You see, being a non-IT background lady, php scripts are alien to me. But hey.. who said an accountant can not mingle with php and html?

At least, I’m now very familiar with html codes. And, has not fear in ammending html bits and pieces.

But, for the Wordspew scripts — I raised a white flag. Enough for the day. Perhaps, I’ll try again some other day… ha..ha..ha (laughing out loud to comfort my chaos mind).

Alternative. Alternative. Hmmm.

So, I searched the web for some free shoutbox codes. I came across Shoutmix and Oggix. I go for Oggix.

The shoutbox code initially caused my weblog to twist upside down. But, my html knowledge comes in handy. A bit ammendment here and there gave me a nice looking shoutbox at the bottom right corner of Little Mama’s Diary.


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  • I learned that lil’ mama study sendiri about blogging and all those internet things .

    I want to ask a few questions (i’m new n learning all by myself too ). This blog is not a WordPress , right ?

    I already bought a domain and a hosting but i fail to manage my main website/main page yet . Do u have any suggestions? CPanel ? FTP ?

    Thanks~~ 🙄

  • Ummi Hanie, blog i ni mmg WordPress. I mmg suka pakai wordpress ni. U dah ada domain ye. Bagus tu. Nak i tolong?

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