She Likes Her Bumbo!

Baby Izzah likes to sit on my lap while watching the television, playing with her toys or when I read her Baby Signs books.

I love holding her on my lap but sometimes it can be tiring. And, I can’t talk face to face with her. The solution?

The award winning Bumbo Baby Seater!

Baby Izzah in Her Bumbo Seat

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  • baby izzah soooo cute! suke ek bimbo tuh. sampai ngeyit2 mate 😀

    little mama:
    baby izzah suka yang amat duduk dlm tu.. pandang kiri kanan dan mulut tak diam nak borak (walaupun cuma bunyi ooh..aah.. jer yg keluar..he..he)

  • This thing is a great invention! Love it! Love it! I can’t look away for a second now though when Lyssa’s in it cos she likes to try to lift herself out of the chair by straightening her body.

    little mama:
    yes! i pun love it so much..he..he..

  • Hi !
    Im 7 weeks pregnant after waiting for 3 yrs. Love to read ur blog as I found it very useful 🙂

    Keep on blogging mama Izzah and more tips pls 🙂

    little mama:
    hi shahi! congratulation on your pregnancy!! thanks for visiting & do take good care of yourself and the little person inside your tummy.

  • hi mama izzah, may i know where do u work? hehehe.. if u dont mind telling lah kan? 😉 oh one more thing, nursery mana tu eh? hmm maybe if u dont feel like telling it here, can we keep in touch thru email? whichever u like..*hugs* to izzah nabihah (sedap nama, i dah chop nama izzah for next girl after this, not so soon la kan..but in future la insyaAllah..hehe cuma taktau nak match kan dgn ape lg satu nama..)

    little mama:
    hola mrszyi.. my workplace eh? a us-based manufacturing company in shah alam (as a kuli yg monitor financial dia.. la.. he..he)… nursery mana ummm.. can’t tell here la.. can’t disclose so much in the net LOL… will contact u tru email later…

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