She Flipped Over!

I was so surprised. She is only 4 months old and can do that already?

Last weekend, I put baby Izzah on her tummy for her 15-minutes tummy time on her mattress (to strengthen her neck muscle). And, I just left her for a moment when I heard her crying out loud.

This pretty baby has flipped over from her tummy to her back with her head landed on the carpet beside her mattress!

Oh good baby… you just acquire a new skill. Most likely, she was amazed with her new ability (reason for being crying)… he..he..

So, let’s the pictures tell the story.


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  • congrats Iza…yeah sudah dpt ability baru…now i plak yg jadi tak sabar bilar lar my baby leh gerak2 camtuh…tp nanti sure dah gerak2 sure jenuh plak nak kejar…

  • he he.. chaiyok2..

    tp kan iza, u la nie kene xtra careful, jgn biarkan dia atas katil sorg2, takut jatuh katil..

    ryan dua kali jatuh katil.. sabau je la..

  • wow, very good entry about “your baby can learn”. Where can i buy Dr. Titzer’s book series? hope u can help me…:)

    Mommy izzah, nape i tak leh shout kat u punye shoutbox ya? bile tekan enter je, takde kuar ape2. pelik lah….

    little mama:
    itu buku saya beli online kat
    bbstore ni favorite online store saya (kedai dia kat cheras tak silap).. cari bawah books..
    tak leh post shoutbox ek? tak tau lak saya.. ni mesti server oggix buat hal.. tapi saya tengok org lain boleh gak put komen..cuba lagi ek?

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