Separation Anxiety?

I’ve been sending my little princess to the day-care for two months now. And, she never cry when I leave her with the baby sitter.

This week, as usual, I went upstairs to hug and kiss her good bye. She always smile when I hold her. And, still smiling when I put her on the mattress or give her to the sitter.

But, when I’m about to leave, she cry. Is this the so called, separation anxiety?

” Babies as young as six months old can show signs of separation anxiety. They might cry when a parent leaves the room and become very clingy – for most babies this is a normal phase. A baby passes through many stages of development and at some point learns that a world exists outside of what it can see at any given moment.

As adults we know that if our partner goes out of the front door they will be back. A baby has to learn this. So the red face, gut wrenching screams and tears are testimony to the baby’s instinctive distress at losing you forever. “

The crying just started this week. And, making me feeling down.

  • I wish I can take care of her myself.
  • I wish I can become the first one to see her getting new skills like rolling over, crawling, walking etc.
  • I wish I have lots of money to settle all my debts  – housing loan & car loan.
  • I wish I have the financial freedom so that I don’t have to work and have to leave my baby at the day-care.

Hmmm… guess this is just the typical dilemma of a working mom. I have to live with it for the time being.

I envy all those stay-at-home moms!

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