See and Touch Only!

My mom was here last weekend. And, being a one year old baby, Izzah has developed a sort of stranger anxiety.

So, my mom (her Tok Wan) can only see, sat close to her and touch her fingers a bit. But, strictly cannot hug, hold or even kiss her. Else, she would scream like crazy!

Izzah & Tok Wan

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  • mcm ryan lah!! masa jumpa onyang dia 2nd time masa aidilfitri lepas.. nangis giler2, mcm org pukul…

    tp bila next meet-up, ok da…. tp muka still cuak jugak.. huhu…

  • Bb Hambali also has been developing the stranger anxiety lately..when he saw my sis-in-law, he will look sourish & smug as well as not smiling at all. But, he tend to has the habit staring at stranger & if it happens, he likes the stranger, he will say ‘huh’ an raising his hand as if he want to ‘salam’ 🙄

  • Hye…Salam lil’ mama…

    happy belated b’day to ur lil’ Izzah..

    FYI , my baby’s name is Izzah too … Izzah Munirah .

    and she’s going to have a younger bro/sis soon,insyaAllah . Now she’s 17 mnths. 😉

  • mama emma.. kdg2 kesian tgk mak nak kiss cucu tapi cucu meraung tak mau..he..he

    hanz…clever la itu hambali!

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