Safety Gate. Safer Home.

We haven’t really baby-proof our home yet. And, we need to do it really soon. So, I bought a safety gate from the First Years. It’s a hands-free gate that uses a foot-pedal to open.

We put the gate as a barrier between the living room and the store/kitchen/toilet.

The other side of the gate is a hazardous place for the princess. A red zone – full of ‘garbage’ and ‘hard-to-let-go’ stuff.

With the gate in place, I can do my task in the kitchen with peace in mind – knowing that Izzah will not crawl or use her walker into the red zone.

But, often she would try to crash the gate with her walker, or try to hold on to it (she can stand up by herself already).

The gate still standing strong anyway. It’s a really good safety gate for babies.

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  • berapa gate ni ek?
    think that we might need one in the new house.
    karang tasneem join ummi masak kat dapur hehe

    little mama
    gate tu masa diskaun dapat RM100+.. tak ingat actual price dia berapa.. pricey gak gate ni.

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