Rotavirus Vaccine & Berkhitan

We brought the little princess to see her paed for the final dose of Rotavirus Vaccine last week. Dr Ling was so happy that baby Izzah is gaining weight very well. She is now 7.2kg!

After that, we went to Pusrawi Sungai Buloh to have a doctor to perform circumcision on that little princess. Oh yes.. baby girl is also required to ‘dikhitankan’. Below is a link that discuss this issue.

Female circumcision is absolutely different from male circumcision. The doctor will only do it for baby girls from 6 months to 1 year old.

And, the procedure is quite simple and fast. I saw the lady doctor made a little cut using a fine needle.

Baby Izzah almost didn’t cry. Just making some uncomfortable noises. She was fine few seconds later. And, can laugh and play with that lady doctor.

She is a tough baby ya!

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