Re-Announcing: Our Lil’ Bundle of Joy!

I was totally disconnected from the cyber world during my confinement period, so I guess I should re-announce the arrival of our little princess, Izzah Nabihah to this exciting world!

She was born on Monday, 31st March 2008 at 9.21 am through emergency c-section at 34 weeks. She is a strong, healthy and active premature baby.

Welcome to the world my lil’ baby!


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  • congratsss rosz!! she’s one cute girl!
    keep on posting abt baby izzah nabihah okey.
    Tasneem and I would really love to read and get to know her. =)

    little mama: thanks nannoor! sure will keep on blogging about my lil’ princess!

  • Hi! congrats for the new baby!! sgt cumell.
    I think IUI have quite a high success rate – at least to me. I went for 2 IUI procedure, and both are successful. Thank god u blog about this. Coz, I believe there’s hope for everyone!

    little mama: ye intan, yang penting usaha.. usaha..usaha.. chayuk!

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