Raya Stories – Part 3

This is the second Hari Raya for Izzah. And, I think the most meaningful for her so far. Because, she could run all over the places… clad in her green Japanese cotton baju kurung made with love by yours truly!

After feasting on ketupat, rendang, nasi beriyani and tapai… we have a fun photo session.

All my sibbling’s and families (except my eldest brother) were there!! So, imagine the excitements and happiness… oh.. I missed the moments already.

Well, kids were the most excited during Hari Raya. Because they would get the Duit Raya. It was fun watching all my nieces and nephews queuing for duit raya from my mom, hubby, brothers and sisters.

Of course, Izzah joined the fun too!

Some of my nieces and nephews…… I have more than 25!

The bigger… the happier!

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  • Cute macam sapa ek Izzah tu…he he..

    Rumah mertua kitorang budak2 aja dah dekat 35….bayangkan betapa bergegarnya Alor Keladi dengan suara diorang!!

  • tul..kanak2 la paling happy..
    mak bapak cuma tumpang happy atas anak2..
    hulur tangan salam nak ambik duit raya..
    derang bukan kisah apa..
    janjji ada sampul..
    seronok bila berkumpul bersama..
    masing melayan cerita..

  • Cute-nyer Izzah!

    Me pun cuti seminggu, Ros & kalau x buat task list, alamk cuti lama2 keroje melepak jer, me & hubby siap lumba2 saper habis dulu task list dier..he,he..
    .-= Hanz´s last blog post..What I have been doing for ONE week after Hari Raya =-.

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