Raya Stories – Part 2

Let’s continue my Raya stories okay? Well, I’m haven’t finish telling our long journey story. Because it’s a very long journey okey…ha..ha

After reaching the Lebuhraya Pantai Timur, our journey was very smooth. There were many cars but no jam.

I took turn driving while my hubby tried to sleep at the back seat. He tried!!

Well, I think he managed to nap for a couple of minutes before I stopped at the last stop on the highway. Perhentian Kuantan, I think.

He said I was speeding. That’s why we reached the last stop so fast. 120km per hour.. is it considered speeding? Ha..ha

Ohh.. I remembered my brother told me that as long as we do not exceed more than 10km/hour from the speed limit (110km/hour)… then we would be fine. I mean, the police will not issue a summon for speeding.

Hmmm… I wonder whether it’s true. Because, I saw a policeman in the middle of the highway dividers… taking the speed of cars… while I was overtaking a car on the fast lane at 120km/hour!

Okay… the journey was tiring. Izzah sat in her car seat in the morning. But, she was getting uncomfortable as the sun shine getting so bright and hot. Well, she also needed to flex her muscle, as well as change her diaper and drink her milk.

So, I took her to the back seat with me. After changing her nappy and feed her milk, I buckled the middle seat belt to her. And, she happily sat there… playing with lotion, talc, vick and of course, her teddy.

We reached Kuala Terengganu about 4 pm. Gosh!! It was jam again… especially near Maidin… I mean the exit to Pulau Duyong’s bridge.

There are two ways to go to Jerteh from there… the normal way would surely be packed with cars and buses. So, we took the alternative way… using Seberang Takir exit to Gong Badak… then Batu Rakit.

On the way, I saw the collapsed stadium. You know, the newly built Sultan Mizan’s stadium that collapsed a few months back? Hoh.. it was such a scary scene to see!

After a couple more hours of driving, we reached my hometown at about 6 pm. After Maghrib, my brothers and kids were playing fire crackers and I brought Izzah to join for a minute. No pictures though. Because I was busy holding Izzah from touching the oil lamp and fire crackers…ha..ha

My hubby already dozed off to sleep. And, we joined him soon after.



  • sedapla deme teganu ado haiwey


    *ddeki ddeki*
    .-= Mommy Lyna´s last blog post..Good News For MySuperKids Aidilfitri Giveaway! =-.

  • Eh u balik T’ganu ye? Kat mana? Sorry I dah lama tak terjah blog u ni 🙂
    We went back to Mengabang Telipot on 3rd Raya. Memang ah jam sikit kat Mydin tu haa.
    And while parking on the roadside waiting for the plane carrying my SIL, her husband and baby to KLIA and back to the U.S (SIL will be migrating there with here Arab-descendant-American-citizen husband), Amsyar said “kat belakang airpot ada stadium yg runtuh hee heee”.
    Ingat pulak dia..
    .-= SOHO Mama´s last blog post..Raya Holidays Almost Over =-.

    • millie, kat Jerteh.. my brother siap bawak anak2 dia pegi tour stadium runtuh tu lagi..ha..ha

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