Raya Stories – Part 1

I’m so busy (oh yeah.. am I?) with my office works this whole month. And, not suppose to take a long leave. Because, we’re doing annual costing run for the next financial year.

But, I don’t give a dang. Hey… I already applied for my Raya leave two months ago. And, my boss approved it okeh. So,  you and you.. please shut up…ha..ha..ha

Well, I have settled 98% of my tasks before I went for long holiday. So, there’s nothing to worry about. That’s why I really enjoy my vacation..yeha!

I’m still on leave this whole week. And, I have lots of stories and pictures to share.

Let’s start with our journey by car back to my hometown in Jerteh.

We spent 2 hours of our journey stucked in a massive traffic jam from Tol Gombak to Tol Karak! It was raining in the morning and thus, very chilly in the car. Gosh! It was body aching sitting in back seat of the Chevy… while holding the need to pee…ha..ha

Even the Petronas on Karak highway was jam-packed with cars. I bet all of them were stopping by to pee….it was cold okay… ho..ho

We didn’t dare to stop at the Petronas. Because we didn’t want to get into contact with so many people in a crowded area. H1N1 is still a big risk, no?

While I was trying to sleep at the back seat, Izzah was sitting in her carseat… enjoying the Brainy Baby videos using my little Acer Net Book!

Net Book is a mini-version of a Note Book computer. It’s very small and light-weight. I bought mine for RM1,100 and are really satisfied with it. The battery can last up to 6 hours!

Finally! The road was cleared of traffic after the Tol Bentong. And, I was so happy to see the East Coast Highway signboard. That means no more heavy traffic jam!

I was holding the pee, remember? So, we stopped at the first rest area on the Lebuhraya Pantai Timur.

Gosh!! People were queing at the toilet much like a scene of people queing to buy a hit movie tickets at a cinema! It was a really long queue!! I didn’t snap a picture, though. And, I queued for a good 20 minutes!!


    • mama emma, ntah camana boleh tahan lak i that day.. usually cannot tahan mah…ha..ha

  • lama gila kene beratur.kalo i,ntah2 dh terkucil dlm seluar.Dahla kat that area sejuk kan.tambah2 kalo hujan + berangin…mmg naik ke kepala.muahahaa

    • zatty, tu la.. kesian gak tengok preggy ladies beratur sama.. but waht to do.. semua orang nak terkucil.. ahaks

  • ish…lamanyeee.. dgn keadaan ku sekarang yg asyik nak pee je..
    rasa2 kena pakai adult diaper la gamaknya…ekkkeee….
    tu mesti ramai yg dok tahan gak tak mau berenti kat karak…

  • Little Mama,..

    Maybe boleh try travel by low-fare air plane for Raya next year? Kalau book awal, cheaper than travelling by car.. Barang yg boleh bwk mmg agak limited, but I think its worth it..kalau i, mmmg seksa nak thn pee lame2..huhu..
    .-= unlisted_one´s last blog post..Selamat Hari Raya Semua!!!! =-.

    • unlisted, air travel ni bagus sebab cepat sampai… tapi rasanya untuk raya not a good choice for me… sebabnya:

      1. airport sangat jauh dari rumah mak.. nak kena bayar teksi pulak
      2. susah nak berjalan berhari raya.. sebab takde own transport.. nak tumpang adik beradik pun semua kereta dah penuh belaka…he..he.. lagi la rumah sedara mostly kena pegi by car.

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