Premature Babies

My hubby cleaned the house as our little princess, Izzah Nabihah is coming home today.

She will be saying bye-bye to two of her friends in the ward. You see, there are only three babies in the NICU and all three are girls.

I think the other two babies are going to stay there for a longer period as they are premature babies with weight less than 2 kg.

One baby weight 1.67 kg and another 1.34 kg only!

The smallest baby was born at 28 weeks. Her face and whole body is still full with fine hairs known as lanugo. Lanugo is developed in the womb to protect the baby’s skin. It will gradually dissapeared when the baby is more matured.

Even my baby still has her lanugo especially on her ears, arms and back. You see, the fine hairs are more significant in premature babies than the normal babies.

Alhamdulillah, my baby birth weight was 2.47 kg eventhough she was born prematurely at 34 weeks. Due to the jaundice and the intestine infection (causing her to regurgitate/vomit milk), her weight dropped to 2.06 kg.

Since her feeding is back to normal, baby Izzah is gaining back her birth weight.

Don’t worry my lil’ baby, mama will give lots (and lots) of love and of course breastfeed you as much as you want, anytime as you wish… so that you’ll grow well and healthy.

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