Postpartum Hair Loss?

I’m not sure whether this is normal or not. But, I’m having a serious hair loss!

You see, after the two months confinement period, I cut my hair short. Really short.

Usually, with short hair, there will be so little hair loss when I use a comb or during a shower. Infact, I barely can see my fallen hair on the floor.

Baby Izzah is just over 4 months old now, and my short hair has been falling out like crazy. It’s all over the carpet, bathroom floor (I’m constantly having to unplug the plughole), bedroom floor (urgh!) and sometimes I find it in my baby’s clothes.

It’s just annoying finding it everywhere! I mean everywhere!

I heard it grows back and that hair loss usually stops at about 6 months postpartum as the hormones return to a normal level.

So, hopefully it will slow down soon because I don’t want to become a bald mama!

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  • bold?? isk… xde la smp mcm tu…

    mayb ur body nak adapt dgn new hormone kot…

    little mama:
    ngeri ni kalau jadi bald mama.. sebab ari tu tengok dalam TV.. ala..yg cerita pasal Yun Nam Hair care tu… ada kes pompuan lepas bersalin gugur rambut dengan banyaknya… sampai botak you (kat tengah kepala).. tu yg ngeri tu!

  • Memang wajib kena ini postpartum hairlost. Tapi I kena tak lama, 2 bulan mcm tu je.

    little mama:
    ye ke ek..harapnya I punya hair loss ni berakhir secepat mungkin.. dah makin nipis rambutku ini… huwaa!

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