PhotoClinic at Lake Garden

We attended the PhotoClinic organised by Saiful Nang, the founder of on Saturday, 7th March.

Izzah woke up at 6.30am that morning and refused to sleep even in the car. Usually she will nap for 1 hour around 8-9am. But, that day she forced her eyes to open. When we reached Lake Garden, she was in a not-so-happy mood.

Saiful and other PhotoMama members (including Azrene, the new producer) were already there. We were late by 20 minutes!

However, the PhotoClinic only started few minutes after we arrived. PhotoMama members already learned some basic photography online (via videos).

The PhotoClinic was to practise what we’ve learned simply by shoot and teach. As said by Saiful, you shoot, I correct.

Besides learning, it’s fun watching the members antics.



Here are some pictures of the little models that I captured that day. I would say, I have improved and know my Olympus E500 DSLR a lot better!





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  • rosmini, 100% agree that you’ve improved in photography… in fact I’m impressed with all your photos here… as for me, I really need to practice, practice and practice…

  • ros, nanti letak la gambar Iffah tu ya… nak tengok… auntie ros amik gambar cantik… mama dia tak pandai lagi ambil gambar…

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