Photo Printing Made Easy With EOE Online

I was blog hopping when I saw an interesting review about a Malaysian online photo printing service, EOE Online. This is like a wish comes true!

I was always hoping that there is a reliable online photo printing service like this in our country. You see, my Korean boss have been talking about online photo printing since ages ago. He talked about how easy it is to upload photos and then get your printed copies by post. And, I wish we have that kind of thing in Malaysia too.

Yes, I know there are many photoshops offering digital photo printing services. But, they’re not really online yet.

Now, with EOE Online, photo printing is just a mouse-click away.

Online photo printing service is very convenient for moms like me who like snapping thousands of digital photos using my Olympus DSLR but too lazy to go to a photoshop to get it printed.

Their promotional printing price – RM0.30 for 4R and RM0.50 for 5R, are really unbeatable. And the greatest among all, they provide free shipping for any order over RM35, to anywhere in Malaysia, including Sabah and Sarawak.

Other than printing service, EOE Online also sell various digital camera, video camera, mp3/mp4, photo frames and dSLR accessories. EOE Online is also a good choice for online photo sharing. So, you can flushed Flickr and Facebook down the toilet… ha..ha..ha

For me, EOE Online is much (much) better because EOE Online allows you to upload and store FULL SIZE photos, unlike Facebook. The photo sharing option is very extensive!

EOE Online called their online printing service e-Print, and e-Print works by printing from the photos you have uploaded to their website. The uploading process itself is very simple. You create an album, add photos and start uploading.

There are 2 ways of uploading – normal photo uploading (browse and select one photo at a time, and upload a maximum of 15 files at a single time) and easy uploading.

The easy uploading function works like a charm. I really love it as it’s simple to use and the uploading is very fast.

I heard the quality of the photos are also very good. Just can’t wait for mine to arrived!

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