Phlegm I – Sticky

According to Wikipedia;

Phlegm (pronounced /’flem/) is sticky fluid secreted by the mucous membranes of humans and other animals. Its definition is limited to the mucus produced by the respiratory system, excluding that from the nasal passages, and particularly that which is expelled by coughing (sputum).

Whatever it is, I hate them.

Phlegm caused my dear baby to cough and vomit all his milk out. Not just once. But, every time she was feed.

Phlegm caused me to clean the mess again and again. Wiping the sticky stuff from her clothing, the floor, the baby cot, our bed, the carpet.

Changing her cloth. Cleaning the little princess body, face and hair. And, of course cleaning myself.

The ritual when the phlegm strikes:

Feed. Cough. Vomit. Clean the mess. Clean the baby. Change her cloth. Clean myself. Change my cloth. Feed again. Cough again. Vomit again.

Phlegm cause my dear baby to be hospitalised for 7 days.

My baby was admitted in Selangor Medical Center from 24th – 30th Dec ’08. So did her mama (read:me).

Izzah In The Hospital

I was still recuperating from the miscarriage then.

It was tough for a sick mama to look after a sick baby. And, it was boring like crazy staying in the hospital.

The single room (RM190 per day), was way too below expectation. I mean furniture & fitting wise.

There was some kind of green algae around the aircond vent. And, the almost detach ceiling. Oeww.

The room looked old. And, smell old. I think 2nd class ward in Hospital Sungai Buloh is much (much) better.

Masha Allah, terujanya Mak Ayah! Ibu bapa dah lama tunggu PLATFOM SELAMAT untuk anak anak mereka tonton video, yang bebas iklan dan patuh Syariah. Kini ianya telah tiba, dibawakan khas oleh pencipta Didi & Friends dan Omar & Hana.

Durioo+ adalah alternatif Platform Video Selamat Khusus untuk Kanak Kanak Islam, BEBAS IKLAN dan semua KONTEN DITAPIS oleh ibu bapa Muslim serta mendapat KONSULTASI PAKAR seperti Ustaz Don Daniyal dan Datin Prof. Dr. Mariani untuk pastikan segala konten dan ciri Durioo+ adalah yang terbaik untuk anak anda.

Kesemua konten Durioo+ membantu memupuk akhlak mulia, nilai nilai positif dan murni, selari dengan ajaran Islam. Insyaallah. Saya juga ibu bapa seperti anda, dan kita hanya nak yang terbaik untuk anak anak kita.

Langgan Durioo+ Sekarang | Tekan Sini

But then, since the medical expenses are covered undered ING (hubby’s medical benefits), I shut my mouth.

As long as the medical services and the doctors are good, I will not complaint (much).

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