Our House Almost on Fire!!

I intended to write this a day after the incident. But, I was so busy and tired with office works.

Our house was almost on fire!! Just see the picture of my kitchen a few hours after the fire. Anyway, the scene has been scrub cleaned before I was home.

Thick black smoke sticking on the wall. And, the melted oil container from the kitchen hood.

This is how it happened. My hubby was at home looking after a feverish Izzah and I was working to catch the year end deadlines.

During lunch time (while Izzah was sleeping), hubby wanted to fry an egg… so he switched on the stove and put the frying pan with oil on it.

Suddenly, he heard the garbage lorry approaching, so he ran after it. You see, our pile of garbages were so huge because we did some house cleaning during the one week off for Raya. But, the garbage collection service was temporary closed during the celebration.

After settling all the garbage stuff, hubby took his sweet time to sweep the porch, water the grass and clear the drain. These are the usual things that he do when he’s at the house compound.

Few minutes later, he remember something. The pan on the stove!! Thank God, he remembered!

He run all his might to the kitcken. To his horror, the frying pan was already on fire!! The cooking oil was burning high and emitted thick black smokes that fill the house.

Luckily, hubby remembered a video clip that I previously emailed him. It’s about oil fire simulation and how to correctly put kitchen fire off.

You see, if the oil in your pan caught fire on the stove, please DON’T throw water, sugar or flour on it. Please don’t!

Because, it can cause a giant explosive fireball, catching your whole kitchen ablaze!! And, that could cause your entire house on fire!

The best way to do is to WET a large towel with water, ring it lightly and quickly cover the pan or oil fire with it.

You see, most of us don’t keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen (or in the house). In my case, I do have a small fire extinguisher package that comes with fire proof towel and smoke detector at home. But, its still in the box!!

We never thought this could happens to us. But, it could happens to anyone!

Many would become so panic and the only thing that comes to mind is…. water kills fire. Of course it do, but incorrectly done can cause major explosive. Please remeber this….NEVER throw water on an oil fire!

Please educate your friends, family and loved ones about the dangers of oil fires, as well as the precautions for avoiding them and the methods of extinguishing them!

If you want to watch the video clip, please use the Contact Form above (at the top navigation bar, below the header) and provide your email address. I will send the clip so you can share it with your loved ones (I’m not uploading it here because the size is huge).

You can copy this entry to your blog with one condition, please link back to this entry. Thank you and spread the words. Preparation is better than cure.

p/s The frying pan that caught fire has been immediately thrown away. So, I don’t know how bad it was. Ha..ah, clever husband.. he didn’t want me to see coz I might be in shocked…ha..ha

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  • oh nasib tak jadi2 apa2 yg teruk

    memang kena educate semua org dalam rumah,not to panic and take necessary action

    macam kena renjatan elektrik jgn sebtuh,move guna penyapu

    kena buat article keselamatan dalam rumah nampak gayanya ni 🙂

    • dila, tu la pasal… kita ni tak pernah nak fikir benda2 macam ni.. mcm kena renjat letrik tu la.. org nak tolong pegi sentuh terus kena zappp sama.. sebabnya tak tahu the nature of electric current..

      sama la dgn api kat dalam kuali tu.. siram air meletup la dia.. minyak yg tengah panas pun kalau kita terpercik air pun dia dah meletup kan.. ni kan pulak yg tgh terbakar…ish..ish.

  • K Ros that was terrifying! Izzah ok kan? Wow..kalo I sah2 sembur air..thanks for really really great info..btw..kat mana leh dpt fire extinguisher and towel mcm you ckp tu?

    • ida.z, izzah time tu tidur dalam master bedroom yg facing car porch.. fire extinguisher set tu company bagi.. nanti i balik check tgk kat kotak apa nama dia.. rasa ada dijual kat kedai hardware kot.

    • Fid, syukur sangat sebab hubby tak simbah air.. if not really can’t imagine what will happen next.. hu..hu

    • Jiji, ni bukan lupa padam api.. ni lupa yang dia dan on api nak masak..

      ha..ah.. i penah gak terlupa.. banjir kitchen i masa duduk apartment dulu..ho..ho

    • eliss, kalo tengok video msa dia simbah air tu lagi horror.. api nyala kecik je tapi bila kena air… meletup besar!

  • Ish…alhamdulillah anak dgn bapak selamat ye..

    Kisah dan tauladan ni buat kita..

    TQ kak Ros..

    • farah, kalau yang tak tahu memang simbah air je kan.. ingat boleh padam tapi rupanya memburukkan keadaan.. jgn lupa bagitau hubby & family pasal cara yg betul padamkan kuali terbakar oki

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