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Hari Raya and open house is like a tradition. In the Klang Valley, yes. But, absolutely unheard of in ‘kampung’ areas, where the house is always ‘open’ for friends, families and other visitors.

In the busy city like KL, giving a surprise visit anytime of the day to a friend is absolutely a no-no. Either you call them first to inform, or they invite you.

Privacy and peace are absolutely a big issue… he..he..he

So, during the month of Syawal.. almost everyone will host an ‘open house’. This is the only time visitors (read: the invited ones) are welcome to the house. That’s why every weekend in the month, traffic jam is so very massive. Huh!

Having an ‘open house’ is actually very good. The host only need to ensure that enough food for the feast on that ONE day only. Meaning, we will be tired of having guests at the house only that ONE time only, right?

So, we decided to held an ‘open house’ on 19th October 2008. It was a last minute idea, so we only invited close friends and families.

Initially, hubby want to do it on Sunday. But, I refused because the next day is a working day. We will become so tired with the event.

And, I was right. After the house is ‘closed’ at 9pm, the three of us were so exhausted!

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