Of Using English in Blog

If you notice, I have been using formal English exclusively in my blog. No mixing of languages or bahasa rojak or Manglish (Malaysian English) until just recently.

Perhaps you want to know why I blog in English. Showing off? Berlagaks? Tunjuk pandai? Eksen meksen?

The answer – none of the above.. ka..ka..ka.

The real reason is because I was NOT good in English. Eventhough I got A’s in SRP, SPM and U’s exams (eksen lagi meh..), I was still not good in that language. I didn’t know how to write and speak properly in English (without getting harsh comments or nasty laughs from other people).

You see, I was born and raised in a kampung family. We didn’t speak English but Kelantanese dialect. And, back then, the only time I got to speak English was during the oral exam. Even English school teachers didn’t teach 100% in English.

Imagine how hard it was for me when I went to a prestigious all girls boarding school in Seremban (TKC). The school was full with girls from KLs whom English are their second language at home.

I got a major cultural shock. Sometimes I unconsciously mixed Kelantese dialect with Bahasa Melayu and English. Yes, really!

And, when I was in UM, all the lectures, books and exams were 100% in English. Major cultural shock again…okeh.. I think the government should continue teaching Science and Maths in English to primary schoolers – barulah bila besar tak terkena kejutan budaya macam aku.. ka..ka..ka

Back to why I’m blogging in English. Since I already left school and Uni a very long time ago, my English was getting worst. The only time I use spoken and written English was at the office.

So, I thought the only way to keep my English in track is by blogging and speaking to my baby in the language. And, blogging in English actually keep my vocabs at a high acceptable level.

Because my English has improved a lot, I think I can now blog in a mixture of language a.k.a Manglish. And, I kind of like blogging in this style. Hilang tensen makcik!

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  • salam ziarah..actually this is not my first time here ..selalu silent reader jer..hiks.. 😛
    aku pun terkena kejutan letrik budaya jugak bila kena belajar banyak benda in english..
    dah register kat MombloggersPlanet tapi x dapat respond pun utk password..mcm mana tu? larik tajuk plak..hikss

  • huhu… i still don’t have d courage to fully write entries in english… takut salah grammer then org gelakkan i..

    kalau gelak & betulkan xpe.. nie gelak perli..


  • my blog rojak,manglish and also typos

    that is just me..hehehehe


    kadang-kadang malas nak proofread balik,dats why bila dah publish ejaan bm pun ada typos..

    mama emma::biar la orang gelak,asalkan kita usaha perbaiki 🙂

  • ohh me??

    not only English, but BM also dah masuk tahap a samad said boleh pengsan kalau baca.

    tapi sebab i suka kartun so tak kisahlah.

    but i still wanna improve my English. at least i could understand my mentor’s accent. he’s from UK and u know how UK people talk… itu belum lagi the vendor from Norway yang sepatah hagham makcik tak faham. kalo bukan sebab brochure yang dia bagi memang taktau menatang apa yang dia jual wakakaka.

    btw, go mama izzah go!!! izzah mesti spekong berabukss ni.

  • eliss.. check email ada tak?

    mama emma… alahai.. kalo org nak gelak perli ke..gelak sampai mati ke.. usah pedulikkan… i pun grammer pun tunggang terbalik… so kalau org tak tau dia pun tunggang terbalik la sama…ka..ka..ka

    dilla… bahasa rojak dan manglish and typos tu kira macam signature tersendiri tu.. asal kita hepi dapat keluarkan apa yg terbeku dlm otak sudah.

    mommy lyna… speaking of mentor/vendor or trainer dari negara asing ni.. selalu sangat bos2 besar dari US/UK/Poland/Korea datang sini…dia cakap ghaw..ghaw..ghaw.. kita sengih besar dan reply oo i see… really aje.. satu habuk tak faham..ka..ka..ka.. oo.. aku dah bertahun cuba menguasai speaking gaya London ni (bunyi slang ni cam seksi je kan).. ingat nak ajar izzah speaking lonodn tapi hampeh..

  • Oh, i thought it was about google adsense requirement. I once applied for google adsense, they rejected me coz they didnt understand my english (ofcoz i mixed english and malay in my blog). So i stop applying, coz i dun wanna change the way I write.

    I think we write in whatever language we pleased, without the need of explaining it to anyone.

    BTW, I think yr English is superb.

  • hehe….blogging in English can be boring kan? bende kelakar jadi tak kelakar..bende exciting jadi not-so-exciting, simply coz the way we translate..I tried long time ago, but then changed to Manglish…coz I loike!! haha..entry lebih bermakna!
    *oh i’ve added you! 🙂

  • intan, oo.. google adsense reject pasal english rojak ke.. i applied adsense ni a few years back using one of my travel guide website (in proper english of course).. once dah ada adsense account.. can use to any blog/website tak kira la blog itu rojak.. sebab adsense pun ada dalam BM kan…

    nina… betul..betul..betul… thanks for adding me.. comei anak you..sweet!

  • I’m just like u. Comfortable using english in my writing because it’s the only way I can keep track on my English grasp. I’m a Certified Translator but never charge my translation work yet due to many factors…(not yet seriously considering cari makan with it) Since I love to read (I read dictionary too) & any new words that I fancy, I try to use it in my writing..And, I teach English part time last time so I guess blogging is the only way for me to express myself & to remind me my other passion which is ENGLISH

    I wish I could be like Adibah Amin, such excellency both Malays & English.

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