Of Used Tissue

I want to rumble about tissue issue. No, not the toilet tissue (paper) that a long time ago was used in restaurants and food stalls. Yikes!

This is about facial tissue. Tissue that every women use upon sacrifying thousands (or millions) of innocent rainforest trees.

I don’t care if you want to use a tissue. That’s your right. I also a heavy user of tissue (I know.. I know…many trees have died because of me).

What I care is what you do with the used tissue. The crumpled tissue after you wipe oily face, clean an over applied lipstick, blow your nose or whatever germs from your body.

Used Tissue

Do you throw them properly in the dustbin? Or, just left on a table, a chair or ignorantly whisked on the floor?

Hello! Dah pakai tak reti nak buang sendiri dalam tong sampah ke? Ingat cantik sangat ke tissue kau tu? Sangat menggelikan, okeh?

I really hate seeing a used crumpled tissue. Mencik. Serious!

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  • Little Mama, I pun nyampah jugak la org buang/tinggal tisu merata rata ni..kdg2 anak2 I pun terbuat mcm tu..keluarlah suara komando i haa haa..!
    Besides buying cloth wipes for my kids, I buy some for myself too. So instead of bringing a small pack of facial tissues in my handbag whenever I go out, I bring one or two cloth wipes. Tapi toilet tissue I masih guna kat bilik air (yup, those trees must have hated me..!). Sikit2, nak beli clothh wipes yg affordable sikit utk ganti tisu toilet tuuu πŸ˜›

  • hi yo sister, we are now so green(environment conscious i mean), why still dont understand why people want to use tissue, and the saddest part of one using tissue is, it is so easy to campak.

    To tell you one incident,while i was running(my favourite exercise)i saw one car stopped at the T junction in front of me, suddenly i saw one tissue flying out from the indoor,as i continue running towards that car, i stopped and i picked up the toilet and bluntly i asked the lady(in her late 30s i reckon, pretty looked educated)”can i throw this tissue for you, or do you want to throw it yourself), she got stunned, and hurriedly she snatched away the tissue from my hand,

    Looks like look can really be deceiving lah,,,lol

    hey, i am first time here, and i like what i see here,and if you dont mind,i have joined you as your follower,

    take care now

  • millie.. tu la.. dulu masa sekolah takde lak i pakai tisu2 ni..pakai hanky je.. kira environment conscious la..tapi dah makin muda ni..beralih ke tisu pula.. pelik kan.. nak kena buang habit ni..

    eugene…hi dear.. agree! looks can be deceiving.. people can wear the pretiest dress in the whole world but bad habits stick forever… unless the person ada kesedaran lar… oh.. i don’t mind been followed…ho..ho

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