Of Frugalicious..

Frugalicious. I love this word. Do you know what it means?

According to Urban Dictionary:

frugalicious – to be frugal and fabulous at the same time.

Someone who looks for a deal instead of just spending recklessly. Buying designer shoes at a resale store for 1/3 the price instead of paying full price at a retail store and looking fabulous in them is frugalicious.

Aiayak! Frugal tu apa benda nya pulak? Tak tau ye.. tak pe.. aku check untuk korang. Mari sama2 lihat apa maksud frugal. Ada banyak makna rupanya.

frugal – thrifty, referring to a person. Or sparse, referring to things.

People who grew up in the Depression seem to be more frugal. They never buy name-brand stuff!

frugal – an intelligent participator in the economy.

Perasan makna yg first said “never buy name-brand stuff”? Siapa tu… siapa tu.. siapa tu? Mari lihat makna seterusnya…

frugalsexy, yet suprisingly revealing

frugal – another word for cool or awesome.
frugalstupid in how much they know about fassion & the real world. Frugal people seem to live in their own little uncool bubble.

Frugal = sexy? Apekah? Cool or awesome boleh diterima. Tapi stupid in fashion and real world? Whoa! Itu sudah lebih bro. So, sila pilih mana satu definisi frugal untuk diri korang…ka..ka..ka

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  • frugal people seem to live in their own little uncool bubble


    haruskah kena ada fendy bag or coach pasni?

  • I want to self-proclaimed that I’m being frugal & fabulous

    I bought Fendi tote bag years ago fake one from ex-colleague, it is still ‘in’ in the fashion world coz I’ve been (quoting littlemama) ‘frugalicious’, made from jeans fabric splashed with Fendi logo for the zipper…so for casual outing it just blend in.

    One way to be frugalicious from my lifestyle :- Collect Bonuslink points => redeemed Parkson voucher => splurge on branded stuff & pay less as using the voucher together & only done during Parkson sale…had done it for Lego set, 3 Fisher Price toys, Crocs shoes, KIKO baby bag & Wacoal bra (love it, love it)

    I love being frugalicious!!

  • hanz, i love being frugalicious too! suka your tips on the bonuslink point..tima kasih.. dulu i suka redeem brg tapi turn out barang suma low quality la.. bagus gak idea redeem voucher parkson tu kan.. dpt splash on brg yg kita suka..thanks again hanz!

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