Of Being Hospitalised

I was warded for two days due to severe lower abdomen pain last few weeks.

Upon initial check up at the emergency, a doctor decided to warded me for observation. He suspected a ruptured appendix and wanted to operate me immediately. Immediately?

Oh no! My Air Asia tickets would be burn for nothing. You see, it took two weeks for appendicitis patient to heal after the operation. And, our flight was scheduled on 21st!

Mama in the ward

I was praying hard that it’s not appendicitis when a female doctor approached me and said;

Kita hantar you to see a gynae dulu la. Mungkin bukan appendix. The symptoms sama je if it’s endometriosis or sakit puan. Kami tak nak lah bedah you unnecesarily…….. Oh… tau tak pe!

So, I was wheeled to the gynae where a male gynae inspected me. Urgh…. male again. He diagnosed me as having endometriosis stage 3. But there’s nothing he could do. No operation can be done because the old blood just sticked on the uterus wall.

According to the gyanae, there are only two ways to treat my endometriosis. Get pregnant asap or take family planning pills. Oh my!

I was warded in the second class where 4 beds sharing a room with one toilet. The room is nice in terms of cleanliness and furniture fitting compared to a first class in SMC (izzah & me was warded in SMC in Dec 08).

Hospital Sg Buloh

The three other ladies were warded due to various reason. The first one was already warded for 4 week due to miscarriage and non-stop bleeding. The product of conception (POC) refused to come out in total.

The scary thing was that doctor has put in medicine to induce labor hoping to force POC out of her womb. But after 14 pills, nothing works. She has no pain what so ever. But, the bleeding continued. Her last few options were surgery, chemo treatment and etc. I’m not sure which one she decided to take.

Another lady was two months pregnant with diabetes. The doctor teached her to self-inject penisulin on her body. She must take the injection 3 times daily for the rest of her pregnancy!

The last lady just gave birth the day before. Her son was in NICU due to breathing problem. And, the new mother is just 19 years old! The Bengal lady get married when she was 15. Isk…

Hu..hu.. disebabkan aku keboringan.. maka aku tangkap la gambar teman-teman sebilik…ka..ka..ka.. Dan, untuk bunuh masa (ish.. betul ke translate from kill the time).. aku baca buku Photographing Children Photo Workshop by Ginny Felch..

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