Of 10 Years Ago

It’s the year 2009. The number 9 triggered my memory back to 10 years ago, the year 1999.

What whas I ten years ago?

The two things that I most remember about myself ten years ago are:

First, I graduated from UM with flying colors. Bachelor in Accounting of ** class degree.

Sila teka ** itu samada first class, 2nd class upper, 2nd class lower, third class atauΒ takΒ deΒ class…dan simpan jawapan untuk diri sendiri…ka..ka..ka.. Oh ye… jangan sesekali cuba mengira umurku based on my graduation year…..aku tidak halalkan rela!

Here are scanned pictures of myself during my graduation day (me in the middle with brown tudung). The picture was taken in the Dewan Tunku Cancelor (DTC) years before it was burnt down to ashes in 2003. I received my scroll from Raja Nazrin, the Vice Chancellor.

Graduation Day

Abaikan my face yg macam konon-konon kontrol jelita ayu tu.. Bukan senang nak mengadap Raja nih… Dalam dewan yang sejuk, rasa nak terkucil pun ader…ka..ka..ka

And, here my picture at the Accounting & Business Faculty as well as a picture with my mom right after graduation. Love you mom!

Graduation Day

The second thing about 1999 was, I got my first job a month after graduation! Murah rezeki lor…

Nak tau camaner I dapat keje? Through Jobstreet! I never thought just by filling information in the net could landed me a job. Tapi itu dulu la.. Sekarang rasanya sangat-sangat susah dapat keje through Jobstreet.. too many competitors. 3 years ago aku pernah bayar RM100 for priority application tapi hanya dapat satu interview… hampeh!

So, what were you then ten years ago? Still in secondary school? Aiyak…apa punya soalan da…

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