Nursery Oh Nursery!

Baby Izzah has been going to nursery for 5 days! You’re a tough little baby, honey.

Nursery oh nursery!

Something not right happened on day one and I caught them by surprise.

You see, little Izzah slept all the way from home to TTDI on the first day. And, she was still sleeping in her night bodysuit when I left her.

I put in a bag all her clothes, diapers, towel, muslin, mittens and socks. And, put her feeding items (milk powder in dispenser, feeding bottles, hot water in a thermos and cold boiled water in a tupperware).

My office hour is from 8am to 5pm. However, that day I received an email saying that I was required to be in a meeting from 6.30pm to 8.00pm. Due to the nature of our business, the conference call is held at such a time to cater other participants from countries like China, Taiwan, Spain and USA.

So, I left the office early at 2.30pm to fetch my baby and send her home before returning to office.

The babysitters at the nursery looked surprised when I was there so early. But I just went upstairs to get my baby.

And, I was shocked to see my baby still sleeping in her night bodysuit!

They didn’t bath her, didn’t change her cloth and didn’t change her diaper at all!

The last time I changed her diaper was at 6am. So, it was like 9 hours with no change. Imagine how wet and heavy the diaper when I finally take it off her delicate butt?

And, I put the milk formula in three 3-slices milk powder dispenser. It was enough to feed her 9 times. But, only two slices were empty…. meaning she only been fed two times when she normally feed 6 times during the day!

I was so shocked that I just grabbed my smelly baby, put her in the car seat and drove home. My baby was babbling all the way home!

My husband called the owner the next day. And, she initially thought we were mad because the babysitters didn’t bath my baby before we take her home. She was extremely shocked to know that my baby is not bathed and her nappy not changed at all.

And, the next day.. one of the babysitter apologized saying that the newly-hired Indon lady didn’t understand her instruction. She said not to bath the baby so early because it is cold. And, the Indon lady thought not to bath at all? Huh!

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Since the incident and since been reprimand by Puan Yati, the babysitters take good care of my baby. And, they better do because I will pop up at the nursery any time of the day for spotcheck!

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  • WHAT???!!! isk isk isk…

    i pun ada dgr cite mcm nie.. but this even worse. d nursery didn’t change d daipers at all.. bayangkan, d najis pun dah jadi keras kat buntut!!!

    another case, in order to make d baby sleep all day, d nursery kasi ubat tido dlm susu…

    nauzubillah.. takut i dgr!!!

    little mama:
    tu la.. nasib baik that day my baby tak poo poo.. just pee pee je.. tapi that diaper dah full sesangat dgn pee dia..berat yg amat.. so.. i memang akan spotcheck selalu la.. just ambik half day/balik awal .. biar diaorang alert yg anytime I akan pegi sana… yg ubat tido tu memang i pernah dgr especially kalau nursery terlalu crowded, tak cukup staff.. harap not happen to my baby la.

  • i was doing blog hopping and stumbled upon ur blog read ur previous entries and totally understand bout the anxiety u went tru wiz ur baby.

    i gave birth to my triplets at 26 weeks of gestation. unfortunately one didn’t survive. my boy was hospitalised for 3 months and my gal for 4 months.

    little mama:
    hi mommyoftriplets.. i always see your blog link in some mommy blogs but it’s only open to invited readers only.. can u invite me..i would love to read your blog.

  • whooaaa…. terkejut i baca this entry. kesian baby izzah. hopefully the nursery learnt their mistake and jaga izza extra careful. jaga lebih dr org lain pun xpe kan.. hehehe
    btw, nak off topic sket.
    mommyoftriplets: can i read ur blog pleeeaasseee??? i dulu stalker blog u tp since restricted x dpt nk baca.. pleeaseee…:)

    little mama:
    ya nannoor.. first day already kantoi..he..he.. anyway,,since that day, they all jaga my baby betul punya.. this mommy will do spotcheck anytime LOL.

  • really??
    oh my god… risau nye nk anta baby ke nursery…
    im going to send my baby to nursery too..
    may i know which area u r… n what nursery it is…

    little mama:
    hi eina.. the nursery is in TTDI.. i think my case is an isolated case.. perhaps it’s true that the Indon lady missunderstood what has been told.. anyway, they are taking good care of my baby now (knowing that I’ll pop up anytime of the day.. he..he).. and my baby seems happy there.

    a few tips for finding a good nursery (things to watch):

    1) go there during normal day so you can see the nursery live in action
    2) observe the surrounding (room, kitchen, general play area) – should be well ventilated, clean & not sticky
    3) observe the equipment used (buaian, baby cots, mattress) – is it in good condition?
    4) find out how many staff in the nursery – how many babies are looked after one staff? better to ask the staff personally
    5) observe how the staff (babysitter) is handling the children
    6) most importantly, observe the babies/children in the nursery – are they happy? is there sign of tears in their eyes?
    7) find one that near to your work area (easy for you to do spotcheck).

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