Not Chickenpox, Just Allergy

The blisters on Izzah’s knees, hands, palms and toes looked like that of Chickenpox.

But, it’s NOT. Thank God!

Izzah has already vaccinated, so the doctor doubted that Izzah was having Chickenpox. Well, there is a 2% small chances to get infected. But he said, unlikely.

The doctor also checked her mouth but there was no ulcer. So, it’s also not HFMD. If HFMD, the mouth would be full of ulcers and the child will loss appetite.

Izzah is taking her food and milk like usual.

I also doubt it because the blisters were too little. Not like when I was infected some 15 years ago.

Usually, a child will get a fever first before having Chickenpox. But, Izzah has NO fever at all.

And, within 2 days it already dried up. No more new blister coming out.

She has fully recovered. Perhaps, it’s just allergy to food.

Ohh.. baru teringat. Hubby bagi dia rasa durian. Mungkin itu penyebabnya. Alergik durian!

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