New Day Care. New Life.

I started sending baby Izzah (manja name B-ha) to the new day-care last Monday. There are reasons why we changed her day-care.

The first reason, crazy traffic jam!

Since after CNY, traffics at TTDI/Bukit Jelutong exit to NKVE are getting crazier than ever. Those who live around these areas surely know the feeling of facing same traffic congestion every day!

Same bad congestion happens in front of the previous day-care. Cars hardly move at the traffic light. And, I have to became a dare devil (driving my car in the opposite lane) just to get pass the traffic light.

Nasib tak kena saman or lagi teruk kena langgar.

Else, I would reach my office really late (my office hours start at 8am & everyday I was already 15-20 minutes late). Stress giler!

Second reason, the previous day care was no longer a clean place for B-ha. They didn’t mop the floor! It was full with dust and bacterias especially under the tables.

Betul.. betul.. betul… seluar baju B-ha hitam jadiknya.. dah la bawah meja tempat favorit B-ha main merangkak.. kotor sangat la mama..

The dirty and dusty place caused skin infection to my baby’s fingers (eczema) which take months to heal. I was so pissed-off!

So, we found a new day-care for her. It’s just a 5 minutes drive from our house. And, I no longer need to face the crazy traffic jam. Now I reach office 20 minutes before 8am! No more stress in driving.

The day-care is also very clean and the best thing is, it’s cheaper from the old-day care. Just RM200 per month compared to RM270 per month before. Perhaps becauseΒ it is in a kampung area.Β A saving of RM70 a month is huge for us!

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  • assalamualaikum, tumpang tanya, new day care yg u mentioned in your post tu dekat mana ye?coz i am lookingforward to send my 1month++ baby to a a day care centre, somewhere in or near bukit jelutong shah alam..hope u can advise.tq!! πŸ™‚

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