MMR Jab @11 Month

I was on leave yesterday. We went to SMC to see Izzah’s paed, Dr. Ling.

Izzah got her MMR jab on her butt. She cried of course, but it only lasted a few seconds. She’s a tough baby, really!

After SMC, we went straight home (although my hubby was also on leave). Usually, time like this we use to go window-shopping (can only window-shop – bonus all gone and salary not yet in… ha..ha..).

But, dear hubby was down with diarhea. Since Sunday morning, he went to ease himself like 15-30 minutes apart. Really bad, uh.

Looks like you’re having a Rotavirus attack la sayang.” I said.

Ye ke? Tak kan abang nak kena ambik vaccine Rotavirus cam Izzah kot?” He said with the totally blurred face. Aiyo!

Oh honey, adults no need to get vaccinated LOL! Only babies need because the attack could cause severe complication in babies. Adults are stronger and can easily handle the diarhea thingy.

I asked him to see a doctor. But, he refused.

He wanted to wait until late evening so that he can get an MC today. Good planning, babah!

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