Miscarriage-Adik Is Gone

Very sad news. My second baby has just gone to heaven. I just had a miscarriage last night. The pain was like giving birth!

And, since it is incomplete, I’m now warded for a D&C tomorrow (yes, I’m blogging from the ward on my handphone).

I was 11 weeks & 4 days pregnant. Sorry honey, adik is no longer with us. He’s gone before I can share my happiness of having him in my womb. Urgh, I heard D&C is more painful than giving birth?Aiya ya.

update: I’ll have ERPOC not D&C. ERPOC uses suction to clear the remaining tissue, while D&C uses scrapper. Oeww..

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  • sorry to hear bout that….hope u & ur family sabar with this test….Insya’Allah ada rezeki for another adik soon…

  • salam,
    xde rezeki baby izzah nak ber’adik’ lg. xpe bykan bersabar yer, mungkin ade hikmah disebalik nye. Insyallah ade rezeki lain yer

  • salam mama izzah. semoga cepat sihat seperti sedia kala. insyaAllah akan ada rezeki lagi untuk dapat adik for izzah nanti. semoga sabar selalu.

  • salam…

    sedih me baca ur entry today…but dun worry, Allah lagi sayang kan that baby..mgkn ada hikmah disebaliknya kite tak tau..Allah nk mnguji hambanya sahaja..

    banyakkan bersabar ye & semoga cepat sembuh. take care sis!

    p/s can’t imagine if me at ur place..

  • Mama Izzah, my condolences…

    I believe He’s got something bigger for you, just like he had for me.

    Be strong, recuperate well and prepare yr self for da next!

    I believe we have something in common. 🙂

  • kakak saya 2-3 kali D&C tapi jarang share dengan kami. mungkin dia sendiri tak nak sedih memikirkannya or tak nak kami pun turut sedih.

    berehatlah… Allah swt pasti akan menggantikannya dengan yang lebih baik insyaAllah…

  • Salam,

    Sorry to hear that…
    My sis also miscarriage the same day as you..She was 12 weeks pregnant..

    Luckily she no need to the D&C or ERPOC…

  • ros,

    sorry to hear that. insyallah, tahun depan harapan dapat baby baru will be on ur side. banyak2 berehat dan kuatkan badan balik.

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