Meet Dino, My Driving Buddy

This is Dino. He is my driving buddy since 2003.


Dino is beanie bean little teddy bear that I bought in Giant for RM6. I got this idea to having a travel buddy during an English course years ago.

The teacher came all the way from England and she showed us her travel buddy, a cute little monkey. I forgot it’s name though.

So, I thought it would be good to have a travel buddy like that. Especially, because I used to drive alone in 8-10 hours journey to my hometown. A buddy (even it’s a lifeless one), would really makes my day.

Dino was kidnaped by one of my niece some years back. But, I managed to get it back after paying a ransom – the same colored beanie bean teddy named DONA to release Dino back to me…he..he..he

Anyway, my niece is 8 years old now and she got Dona like 6 years already. She loves her Dona so much until the teddy became so frail and thin..he..he

Okay, back to my buddy, Dino. I love to put him on my lap while driving. It feels ‘something’ not good without him on my lap.

But, few days ago, my hubby always give Dino to Izzah (eventhough she has her own travel buddy, Patty the Panda). You know what? She likes my Dino more than Patty!

She even treated Dino as her ‘bantal busuk’. Poor Dino…

Dino & Izzah

*Mak terpaksa mengalah dengan anak…huwaaaaa….

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  • dulu saya ada driving buddy,nama dia tompok,a beanie leopard

    but husband doesnt like tompok pasal dia kata macam budak-budak

    so i keep tompok in the house instead

    but todayyy…dalam kereta ada byk soft toys ZIyyad,ada bugsy ada 3 fish mobile ada beruang biru

    dah jadi macam nursery dah rupa kereta saya..hahaha

    • dila, husband mesti jeles la dgn buddy kita tu..ha..ha… biasa la tu kereta jadik nursery

  • hah? first time dengar ada buddy untuk driving… hehehe..

    saya tak pernah la ada lagik, sebab semenjak ada husband ni, dia lah jadik driver.. kalau drive sorang2 pasang radio je…

    buddy untuk darwisy ada lah… 😛
    .-= sya´s last blog post..pujaanku =-.

  • I ingat Dino stands for Dinosaur..he,he…
    .-= Hanz´s last blog post..Vote Me for Breastfeeding Photo Contest =-.

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