Media | Gadis Pantene dalam The Star Hari Ini

Terima kasih pada adik tersayang *uweeeek* sebab SMS bagitau gambar I masuk paper The Star hari ini!! 

the star 01

Kali ini pendedahan pendek sahaja *tak disebut nama dan blog* tapi kira okey lah gambar masuk paper. Peluang masuk suratkhabar bukan selalu datang. Cerita pasal I pergi Spa Vila Manja hari tu tajaan Pantene.

I copy paste dari The Star Online ke sini sebagai kenangan. Sejak bila ntah I jadi ‘beauty blogger’…he he

Beauty bloggers pampered

SHAMPOO brand Pantene threw its first ever flower-powered spa session and afternoon tea party for selected beauty bloggers at Vila Manja Spa recently.

The event kicked off with a seriously indulgent hair spa with invigorating head and shoulder massage to strengthen the hair follicles, nourish the roots and revitalise the scalp to encourage natural hair rebirth.

“This treatment works like magic. It helps to coax away the knotted harshness from my hair. I really love the smell of my hair now and I think it looks shinier as well,” exclaimed beauty blogger Esther Ng.

Wonderful experience: The six beauty bloggers selected for the spa experience.

Ng said the spa session did her a world of good.

“You grow up knowing about Pantene and it’s good that Pantene is constantly re-inventing itself to achieve the best performance for consumers like us, and making itself relevant in the industry,” she added.

The six selected beauty bloggers were also treated to a body scrub, herbal bath and body massage, a total pampering spa experience in true Pantene indulgence — delivering its promise of helping women to shine from within.

“My hair looks smoother now and lighter to touch. The spa session is truly relaxing and it gives me peace of mind after a whole week of work and stress,” said another beauty blogger, Tammy Lim.

“I hope Pantene will organise this again in the future,” she exclaimed gleefully, adding that the event proved to be “really fun and brilliantly organised.”


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