Me Need a New Lappie Bag

The company gave a laptop to every staff. So, that staff can easily bring their work (in the lappie) when travel overseas. And, to do work at home as well…hoh!

So, I need a laptop bag, that’s is very strong and looks trendy too. The standard briefcase-style laptop bag is too emmmm… ugly…muahha ha..ha.

That’s why I bought my own laptop bag for office use. sure can not claim one!

The first one was a Targus backpack-style lappie bag. But it was already thrown in the junk yard after two years. Dah koyak mah… letak laptop boleh keluar tu….

The second lappie bag was also a backpack-style…I know.. I know.. I’m a rocker mom… ganas sikit pakai backpack, walaupun beg lappie lagi besar dari tuannya (imagine a little standard one school girl wearing a big backpack school bag… that’s exactly how I looked like going to office…ho..ho).

Because I want to look more lady-like (walaupun I’m not that type of lady…ha..ha), I bought a feminine lappie bag known as Sleek Maria from Gin & Jacqie a year ago. The price RM160+ but I got a discount.

I thought the bag is very sturdy and strong to handle the lappie and some books and some junks. But, the hook for the shoulder strap patah after a week of using. So, I cannot use the shoulder strap anymore. Well, that was still fine.

But one month ago, I discovered something more surprising.

Under tempat laptop masih kuat lagi, takde koyak-koyak. Tapi, bawah pocket dia tak disangka-sangka sudah koyak. Bukan koyak sikit ya… koyak banyak! Nasib la dalam poket tu ada one thin lining. Maka takdenya jatuh bertaburan segala barang penting me like kunci kereta, kunci rumah, handphone dan kad touch & go.. aiya!

Heran kan, camana bawah poket boleh koyak. Sedangkan, bukan letak benda heavy pun… Looks like the microfibre nylon tak kuat lah.

That’s why I need a new lappie bag!!!

The second lappie backpack still in very good condition – Ralph & Lauren brand mah… tak kuat tak tahu nak kata la…ha..ha

But, I don’t want to use a backpack to office anymore. I want a stylish lady-like laptop bag. Stylish yet very durable. And, can easily folded to fit my office drawer which is soooooo small.

So, I bought AliceWonders lappie bag but unfortunately it doesnt fit my office drawer. I never thought about the drawer before buying as the bag is so pretty…he..he.. I intended to use it but hubby already bought me a canvas bag that I really like.. So, I gave the tote lappie bag in a giveway.

Well, the khaki green Forest canvas bag it’s not the loveliest or the cutest lappie bag that you ever see. But, it serves my need very well. So, hope this bag will last forever! Okey, expecting to much not good. How about, for a few years?

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