Mama, I Want Milk!

Seems like the first day at a day-care is always a BAD one.

You see, first day at the old day-care gave me a big shock. I returned home with a smelly baby. They didn’t bath and change her diaper since morning!

And, I thought this new day-care would be different. I was wrong. Totally wrong.

My baby looked so weak when I fetched her at 5.30pm on Monday. I thought she was sleepy or exhausted because she is such an active baby during the day. She didn’t play with her image in the mirror as she always do in the car.

When we reached home, she didn’t interested in playing with her tri-cyle. And, also didn’t have the energy to crawl or stand up. She didn’t even talk or yell.

What was wrong?

The thing that I never imagine a day care would do. Didn’t feed the baby!

I checked the basket and found that out of six portion of formula, only one is empty. And, the milk that was made is still in the bottle – untouched! Which only means they didn’t feed her milk! $%%^&*bangang*%^%$^bodo*!@@#$%$hel***&%^%$$$%!!!!!!!!!

Hello!!!!! I paid you to take a good care of my baby. I did’t just put my baby there for free. So, do your job la bodo!

B-ha was so weak and hungry that when I feed her dinner porridge, she swallowed each spoon as quickly as she can. No playing or making bubbles with her porridge like she always do. And, she even gulped her 5oz milk after the porridge in minutes. She was starving!!!

I was so pissed off. Extremely pissed off.

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  • isk.. smp hatinya depa buat kat izzah mcm tu… u leh sue ur baby.. tp no prove kan??

    isk… u xmo cuba kat shah alam sek20 ke?

  • tak de prove tu yg payah tu.. sek20 kat mana tu.. shah alam ni biasa nyer jam la masalah dia.. takpe..kami wait & see dulu…

  • Ya Allah..apsal teruk sgt derang ni? me sometimes pun tak phm..derang tau nk duit je tp jaga anak tak nk pulak..berdosa buat kat org mcm tu..sis better talk to the owner or org yg jaga anak sis tu..sian baby izzah…

  • pengusaha2 taska ni sumer bukak taska sbb nak kaya dan keje yang goyang kaki je.. employ kktgn pon tak cukop… i htr 4 diaper, only 2 used a day.. diaper rash constantly ada… bila weekend surut.. weekdays dtg balik..

  • umminisa.. memang susah nak jumpa taska yg betul2 bagus.. tu yg ingat nak ambik kursus asuhan kanak-kanak…berenti kerja pastu bukak taska sendiri.. extreme sungguh pemikiranku…ka..ka..ka

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