Malaysian Moms Unite (and ladies too)

There is a new place for Malaysian moms to unite by sharing their personal motherhood/womenhood blog called the BlogDirectory at

All mommies and ladies, let’sΒ go and register your wonderful blogs there!

It’s free and only required you to link them back (by putting the green button like the one on the sidebar).

The blog directory is categorised by states, so it would be easy for you to connect with other mom bloggers in the same area. Future mom gathering would be easy to arrange with this BlogDirectory for moms/women.

Oh yes.. the BlogDirectory welcome only those with publicly-accesed blog – meaning your blog is not privatised. Otherwise, what’s the point of listing if no one else can read it, right.

So, what are you waiting for? Go here to list your blog ya…

P/S Invite your other bloggers friends to list theirs too!


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